About Me

Hi everyone!

I’m a 20-something dog mom, wife, student, daughter, sister, servicemember, amateur writer, fitness addict, nature-loving, somewhat-hippy, tree-hugging adventure LOVER. Growing up in Eagle River, Alaska, my heart and my passion has always been in the mountains. While military service has since moved me from my home, finding adventure in every aspect of my life is something I aspire to never lose. I’ll jump at every chance to try a new hike or visit a new city! I’m the world’s pickiest eater, so I probably won’t be trying many new foods… but I’ll adventure everywhere else.

This blog came to life when I felt my life needed somewhere to channel my energy when I finished college. I want to share my stories with you! If I can inspire just ONE person (many people would, of course, be overwhelmingly wonderful), my heart will be happy. Before you jump into reading away, I want to promise you one thing: I vow to be excruciatingly real in my writing. Too often, social media is flooded with picture-perfect stories that fail to show the “real shit”.

Get Adventurous, Girl is the good, the bad, the incredible, the worst, the hardest and the BEST times of my life.

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